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I'm Black, My Boyfriend's Asian And We're Living The Rom-Com We'd Love To Watch

Italian men love black women The burning question that every black woman on the dating scene wants an answer to is whether Italian men love black women.

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Yes, Italian men certainly do like black women. Firstly, our data showed that in just the last month, over Italian men have been on dates with black women.

Our data also revealed that over three quarters of those men contacted the women to arrange a further date! So our data indicates that something is going in the right direction, but exactly what is it about black women that make them so appealing to Italian men?

We asked this question to thousands of our users and the responses were interesting.

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When our clients were asked what made black women most appealing, the top responses was their dominant personalities, good looks and sense of humour. To gain a deeper understanding of whether Italian men really do love black women, we chatted online with several of our users that are currently or have previously dated black women.

Again there appeared to be a trend in the answers. Many of the men stated that they love how black women are straight talking and confident.

These responses strengthen the truth of the dating sites that Italian men black women black women. Whilst collecting data, our expert team of matchmakers ran a search to see which of our clients are most compatible with each other by matching their preferred ideal partner characteristics. Interestingly, the results revealed that our black women users mostly met the characteristics that Italian men looked for in a date.

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So there you have it, our research and users support the notion that Italian men love black women!

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