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The Untold Truth Of Grant Gustin’s Wife, Andrea Thoma

He cheated all the time but thinks getting married will keep him faithful.

It helps when they're on a highly successful television show and it's a double whammy when they play a superhero. After all, who doesn't love a dorky superhero?

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Gustin's combo of looks, charm, and sense of humor have made fans swoon, so it's only natural to wonder about his romantic life, right? He was rumored to have a dancer girlfriend for the past few years, but are Grant Gustin and Hannah Douglass still together?

The last time Gustin posted a photo to his Instagram with Douglass was 38 weeks ago, when they were at San Diego Comic Con together in Gustin has been very open in sharing photos of his two dogs, Nora and Jettand Douglass grant gustin dating la thoma posted a photo of her with one of his dogs 26 weeks ago. Either Gustin and Douglass are broken up, or have been trying to be a little more private since he started becoming a more household name, because there hasn't been much public evidence of the pair continuing to date.

Becoming more private could make sense, considering the amount of unwarranted attention the girlfriend of a rising star might get from fans.

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Bustle has reached out to Gustin's rep for comment on his and Douglass' status, but has not yet heard back. Of course, there was a time when the two were a little more outspoken about their relationship. In fact, When Gustin announced The Flash, a spinoff of Arrow, and its premiere inDouglass was every bit the supportive girlfriend and joined with many of his past co-stars in celebrating with him on social media.

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And in an interview inGustin opened up a bit about his relationship with Douglassand said that they were together "for a few years now. Also inDouglass openly supported Gustin and his show, tweeting this sweet message: One of the last times Gustin and Douglass were publicly spotted together was at San Diego Comic-Con In July Although they weren't photographed too often in public, they did share many photos of each other on their social media.

The fact that one of the last photos of them together on Douglass' Instagram was 42 weeks ago could be very telling of their current status. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but based on their history of sharing photos and support via social media and now, lack of that the odds aren't favorable that Gustin and Douglass are still together.

who is grant gustin dating? does he have a girlfriend?

They both seem to be doing just fine, though.

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