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Dating ugly girl reddit

Dating ugly girl reddit

In the old days men could just take women by force - that's a no-no in modern society. Photo credit: Getty There are 43 different reasons some men struggle to find a partner, according to a new study. Researchers in Cyprus wanted to find out why so many men - estimated at around a third in Western society nowadays - are single.

i tried to find an incel to date and it was harder than you'd think

So they analysed an epic Reddit thread titled 'Guys, why are you single? Polyamory: How does dating multiple partners work?

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The most common reason given was being ugly, short or bald, followed by a lack of confidence. Others said they couldn't be bothered making the effort or weren't interested in having a long-term relationship.

Many also blamed: a lack of flirting skills "My IQ drops to about 40 whenever I talk to women. What's it like to be Muslim in the dating game in NZ?

Controversial Canadian professor Jordan Peterson, on his way to New Zealand next year, has proposed "enforced monogamy" to stop self-described incels from committing acts of violence, such as the man who drove a van into a crowd in Toronto in July, killing Mr Peterson has denied this, saying he only means for monogamy to be "socially" enforced, to stop attractive men from having more than one woman, so there are more for the less attractive.

An earlier study by Prof Apostolou that concluded lesbianism evolved because men found it sexually attractive was roundly criticised by LGBT groups.

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