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What Significance do Index Fossils Have.

Poyner, Paducah, Kentucky, dimensions: 74" x 86". Civil War era[ this web page ] Leading up to the American Civil Warquilts were made to raise funds to support the abolitionist movement then during the war, quilts were made to raise funds for the war effort and to give warmth and comfort to soldiers. The patterns were much like those made mid-century but the purpose was different.

Quilts connected to the abolitionist movement and the Civil War were made for a cause, many representing the relevant flag. Abolition and the role of quilts[ edit ] Even beforeabolitionists were working hard to end quikts. One way they did this was to hold grand fairs to raise both awareness and money for the abolitionist cause.

December 27, Index fossils are used to define geological periods. These fossils can be defined as "commonly found, widely distributed fossils that are limited in time span.

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