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Dating apps for people who actually want to date

Can Facebook Fix the Dating World Tinder Created?

By Korey Lane Aug 19, Dating apps are a fantastic way to put yourself out there and meet some new people, but it can also be a little intimidating to actually meet IRL for the first time. Even if you've been chatting on a dating app for a few weeks, you might not feel completely comfortable meeting them in person, and that's OK! Fortunately, there are plenty of great, expert-approved ways to feel more comfortable meeting people from dating apps to take note of, so you can get off your phones and get some real-life face-time in.

After all, how else will you know if you have chemistry? After getting excited about meeting, it can sometimes result in a letdown and leave you feeling depressed about dating in general.

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It doesn't, but know that it's perfectly normal to feel anxious about it. If you're looking to overcome this stress, try some of the tips below.

Dating apps for people who actually want to date, best dating sites of 2019

Do some light research. Shutterstock One of the easiest ways to feel more comfortable when meeting someone from a dating app for the first time is simply looking them up! Check out their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you need to do to feel good. That way, you can feel more secure that you're not being catfished. Check for mutual friends.

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Talk to any mutual friends you and your potential date might have. Try to find them on Facebook and check your mutual friends.

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You might not have any in common, but if you do, it's worth a shot. But scheduling a quick, pre-date phone call has the potential to work really well. Of course, in order to feel super comfortable, safe, and secure when you meet someone from a dating app, always meet in a public place for the first time.

Hopefully, knowing that you're as safe as possible will ensure that you can relax and have a good time.

Shutterstock While it's totally normal to feel nervous or jittery before you meet someone from a dating app for the first time, it's a good idea to remember that this is just one person. If you don't like teach other, you just met, and there are so many other people out there.

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Chlipaladating and relationships expert, tells Elite Daily. The lower the stakes you put on the situation, the more relaxed and comfortable you'll be.

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Have a mantra you can repeat. The mind is powerful, and having a mantra you can recite to yourself before the date can really work wonders. Another mantra I believe works is, 'My goal of this first date is to decide if we want to go on a second date.

She also suggests giving yourself enough time to get ready, and sitting calmly for at least two minutes to breathe. There are a ton of ways to make yourself feel more at ease when you meet someone from a dating app for the first time. As the experts say: Be safe, take deep breaths, and repeat your favorite mantra.

You're going to crush it!

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