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Best cities in texas to live for dating

The Cities With the Most Singles

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By Laken Howard May 25, Where you live says a lot about you — most people take pride in being either a "city boy" or a "small town girl" or something in between. Whether you made your hometown your forevertown, decided to stay in your beloved college town post-grad, or picked a totally new city and called that home, it's likely that your place of residence is an integral part of your identity. But can where you live affect your dating lifetoo?

According to a new study by dating platform Badooyour success or lack thereof in the romance department may have a lot to do with your zip code.

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The research looked at the geographical insights from users' location-based data, and found the concentration of singles in various cities across the U. Then we wind up actually finding a partner, and the number of singles slowly dwindles. But what about our rural friends?

There's actually a higher concentration of singles in rural areas as opposed to metropolitan areas, which means there might be a greater chance to find love on a dirt road than in a concrete jungle. Bustle spoke to Joey Hadfield, another dating expert at Badoo, to figure out how to make the most of your dating life, regardless of your location.

When you're in a huge city and spend even 10 minutes scrolling through a dating app, it's obvious that you could quickly get in way over your head. But Hadfield says the sheer volume, however scary, shouldn't deter you.

5 BEST US Cities For Dating (Meet Single Women)

Sometimes less populated cities make you hone in on what it is that you're looking for, making you more likely to commit to finding that. Success in dating is contingent upon being open and honest about what it is you want, and seeking a mate who aligns with that.

This city had the highest concentration of single people than any other U. Unless you're in Brooklyn, which has more singles than other NYC neighborhoods. Better steer clear just to be safe.

the best and worst places to live if you're single and looking for love

The rest of the top five states with the fewest singles are: Vermont, Washington, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Other friendly states include Texas, Arizona, California and Illinois.

Best cities in texas to live for dating, best places to live in texas

Me neither, but apparently no one there is attached. Other places to go if you want a date: Alaska go figureMichigan, Wyoming, and Ohio.

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