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This Is How Facebook Dating Works

Do Not Tell Facebook Your Crush

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Sometimes it feels like it could be a little easier if you could compile them all in one place. While the dating app market already seems a little busy one super recognisable social media site has announced it is going to make its first foray into helping its users find the one and to be honest, it makes quite a lot of sense.

So when will Facebook dating be available in the UK? The incredibly popular social network site announced it would be expanding into the dating app market in May In addition, the rep has said: "Secret Crush is a feature within Facebook Dating and is only offered in countries where Dating is currently rolled out to we are currently in 19 countries around the world.

So today we are announcing a new set of features coming soon around dating.

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The feature has not been launched in the UK yet. While it is available in some countries there is no news as to when you will be able to use it in the UK.

Say goodbye to the blue top bar. So we've been working on a major evolution to make communities as central as friends.

facebook dating is now available in the us. here’s how it works

Wired reports that Facebook singles will be able to select nine friends from their friends list and add them on the Secret Crush feature. Pretty bold moves from Facebook if you ask me.

There were no reports of it coming to the UK.

Although with any luck, it will only be a matter of time. Zuckerberg announced that there will be changes to the way your Facebook looks, opting for a sleek white background rather than the blue that we are so familiar with.

what is facebook dating and how does it work?

There is nothing like the buzz you get when you find out the person you have a crush on fancies you back. The feature will bring a whole new level to the social media site.

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