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Like the movie, the book begins in when Kaysen, then 18, was diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder after she swallowed 50 aspirin. All in all, it's a situation to which Ryder could relate.

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Six years ago, when the actress girl interrupted dating coach read Kaysen's book, she was reminded of a similar breakdown in her own late teens: After having chronic anxiety attacks, depression and insomnia, she checked herself into a psychiatric hospital for a week and began working with a therapist.

The experience, though troubling, eventually helped Ryder bring depth and resonance to the character of Susanna.

The movie is about who Winona is as girl interrupted dating coach as it's about who Susanna is. When producer Douglas Wick approached the writer about buying the film rights to her memoir, "I thought he was crazy," says Kaysen. It's rather static and intellectual, and it has no obvious story line.

How could they make a movie from this? I figured they would have to do radical things to it; otherwise, it's just a bunch of girls sitting on the floor smoking cigarettes.

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Most crucially, he fleshed out Susanna's friendship with Lisa, a charismatic sociopath played by Angelina Jolie who serves as a symbol of rebellion and escape from the cares of the adult world. They can't change what I wrote or my experiences in my life. Kaysen has lived a fairly sedentary existence, as perhaps befits a writer.

She has lived in Cambridge most of her life, including a brief stay on a commune. Although her father, Carl Kaysen, was an Ivy League economics professor, Kaysen resolutely avoided college, drifting instead from job to job, making a living as a copy editor and writing all the time. Inshe published her first novel, Asa, As I Knew Him, about a woman imagining her old flame's youth, and followed it up with 's Far AfieId, about an anthropologist doing research in the North Atlantic's Faroe Islands.

According to Kaysen the genesis of her memoir actually stemmed from her work on the latter novel: "There were paralels between being dropped into a foreign country and being dropped into the loony bin," she says. These days, Kaysen still lives in Cambridge and suffers from depression, but says she has made peace with her demons, periodically seeing a psychologist, whom she calls her "tuneup woman.

Although she was briefly married in her 20s, she has been single for most of her life.

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