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Best dating apps budapest

6 Great Apps to Use While in Budapest

Tinder has named January 8, the best dating day of the year. Well, 'Dating Sunday'ā€” the first Sunday after New Year'sā€” is typically the busiest swiping day of the year for Tinder.

But because this year that fell on January 1 aka New Year's Day aka staying in bed and watching Netflix all day, January 8 is this year's Dating Sunday. Jess Carbino said is a press release.

the two best online dating sites in hungary

This year, you can expect to see at least a 12 percent increase in matches made on January 8. Last year, there was a 10 percent boost in the number of matches made on Dating Sunday.

Another tip is updating your profile photos to show potential matches how fun your holiday break was. Whether you went ice skating at Rockefeller Center or escaped to a warm-weather destination, you should flaunt it. This could be a great conversation starter since some may ask how you celebrated the holidays and New Year.

London, England Wow, my adopted hometown had the most matches on Dating Sunday last year. I have a feeling they were mostly from my flatmate. Suz is an aggressive swiper.

Sao Paulo, Brazil Down south? The folks of Sao Paulo really got busy last January.

Stockholm, Sweden The Swedes are apparently good at swiping. Because they are good at everything.

In fact, don't even breathe. That's individually the safest bet. Of course putting makeup on to walk the dog is dedicated. What if there are paparazzi outside.

Damn them and their paternity leave and cozy sweaters. Berlin, Germany The Germans did a lot of swiping Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul came in at number seven last year. Oslo, Norway Another Scandinavian win, the folks of Oslo were really busy swiping in Budapest, Hungary Budapest, which isn't a massive city, made up for lack of numbers with some serious Tindering.

Your city didn't make the list? So get ready for January 8 ā€” you got this!

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