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Morena baccarin austin chick first started dating

Morena Baccarin officially divorces husband Austin Chick

They were first spotted holding hands during Emmys weekend, but now that we know that Baccarin is pregnant, it's an even more exciting time for the couple.

But don't worry — if you're as blindsided by the news as I am, you're probably also wondering how long McKenzie and Baccarin have been dating. It's not totally clear, but it's definitely long enough that Baccarin is planning to marry her co-star.

In court papers obtained by People from Baccarin's divorce from Austin Chick, Baccarin made a statement saying she and McKenzie plan to marry when their split is final.

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And not only did she call their union a "new committed relationship" in the papers filed September 11, but she also said that she's three and a half months pregnant — and all of these things are clues that will help us figure out when she and McKenzie started dating in the first place. It definitely seems like Baccarin and McKenzie met on the set of Gothamwhen Baccarin joined the cast inbut Chick filed for divorce in July of this yearciting "irreconcilable differences.

And speaking of the baby-to-be? If she was more than three months pregnant in September, it sounds like she and McKenzie have been dating at least since May, if not sooner.

Of course, neither Baccarin nor McKenzie have confirmed anything officially just yet, but now that they're able to be public about their love, I'm hoping they're willing to fill us all in on the details soon. And now matter how long they've been together, their relationship is a serious win for anyone like me who adores when onscreen couples cross over into real life.

I may have only seen a few episodes of Gotham, but that was enough to know that they have serious chemistry. There's no doubt in my mind that this is going to be one beautiful baby — and as long as McKenzie's kid plays with Adam Brody's daughter as The OC intended, I'm good!

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