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Vanderpump rules la la dating

‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Lala Kent and married mystery lover caught kissing

It turns out that, for several years, the singer had been dating Hollywood producer Randall Emmett.

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They've kept their romance private for the most part, but in an interview with Us Weekly on June 15, Lala Kent's comments on her boyfriend prove that the producer and the reality star really might be together forever. Emmett and Kent attended the premiere of Gotti, Emmett's latest film, and spoke to Us Weekly — together! Kent and her man gave a joint interview to Us Weekly.

vanderpump rules' lala kent is perplexed by rumours she's dating a married man

It wasn't just about the film, either; the two dished on their relationship. Obviously, the magazine's first question for the pair was the subject of marriage.

Whether it's in the cards for the lovebirds is unclear — but it's obvious that they're blissfully happy together as it is. Just don't expect Emmett to appear on Vanderpump Rules next year. You know, I like my relationship a lot.

lala kent of vanderpump rules is engaged to her boyfriend randall emmett after romantic proposal

This is just for us to enjoy the two of us and not have outside influences. I want her to always be the star. Celebrities opening up about their life together is common, after all, but not this particular relationship.

If you've watched even one episode of Vanderpump Rules since Kent joined the cast in Season 4you've likely heard of her mystery beau and all the bells, whistles, and rumors that came with the relationship.

Vanderpump rules la la dating - vanderpump rules' lala kent is '56 days sober' thanks to her much older fiancé randall emmett

It turns out that not only is he real, but the two are spectacularly in love. It took some time to go public with the relationship, but now they're all over one another's Instagram accounts. Kent even disclosed some details — and mentioned him by name! It's adorable — and admittedly, a bit of a surprise.

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There was just so much mystery for so long. The singer's recipe for a soothing blend of milk and honey made headlines this past season, not for the content of her anti-anxiety recipe, but for its delivery system. A grown, professional woman that snuggled up to her "baba" caused a stir online and picked up more than a few famous fans.

LaLa Kent Has An Awkward Conversation With James Kennedy - Season 7 - Vanderpump Rules

Selena Gomez made one of her own to watch the Vanderpump Rules reunion and posted about it on social media. In the interview, Kent said that was so cool to see and assured the magazine that the baba will be back on the show.

It was years before anyone knew the two were together, so a public appearance and a joint interview is especially rare. The effusive way they described one another should put to rest any rumors spawned by the secrecy that shrouded the relationship for so long. The brief Us Weekly interview is also a charming moment for Kent's fans, as most of her public appearances surround her makeup line or career.

Taking a moment to see her reveling in her relationship so publicly is a joy.

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