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Jehovah witness dating a christian

Jehovah Witness Shun Non Believers

Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses with the New World Translation This documentation guide contains key photocopies from the Watchtower's version of the Bible. The audio CD provides training and instruction to help Christians point out errors in the New World Translation from the Greek, key contradictions and important misrepresentations.

the dating game: how jehovah's witnesses meet their match

A must for anyone who is witnessing to a Jehovah's Witness Note: A knowledge of Greek is not needed, but those who master this lesson will know more Greek than any Jehovah's Witnesses we have yet to meet.

Books These books provide some of the most comprehensive Christian responses to the teachings and history of the Watchtower Society.

These books provide a complete understanding of the cult of the Watchtower: former members of the Society also sometimes called ex-Jehovah's Witnesses or an ex-Witness discuss life as a Jehovahs Witness, as well as the things that led them out of the Watchtower; Christian scholars examine the history of the organization; and biblical and evangelism experts provide help in engaging in outreach to those who claim to be Witnesses of Jehovah.

Answering Jehovah's Witnesses Subject by Subject The author - a former Jehovah's Witness - has listed major Watchtower doctrines by subject in alphabetical order for easy reference.

Topics such as "blood transfusions," and "God's Organization" are presented with attention to history, changes and suggestions for rebuttal. Each article is supported by documented quotes from Watchtower material, pgs.

In his book, Reed has demonstrated how they have done this and most importantly how the Christian can answer this Bible twisting in a loving way to help Jehovah's Witnesses to understand their error. Excellent for witnessing, pgs. This excellent book examines the main teachings from the Watchtower book, and will provide you with the biblical support needed to engage in effective evangelism by overcoming Witness teachings.

Gives good questions to ask Witnesses by making them realize scriptural truths, pgs. Articles Watchman Fellowship is one of the leading Christian countercult ministries. Our website contains many free articles about the Jehovah's Witnesses.

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