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Best chicago neighborhood for dating

Which Chicago Neighborhood Should I Move To? Top Areas to Call Home

Jun 15, Andrew Zaeh for Bustle Finding the perfect neighborhood isn't easy.

You want to find something affordable and fun, close to the places you love, and somewhere that just has the right vibe. It's already a lot to ask.

And now it turns out, decisions like where you live can affect your love life, too. What does your zip code have to do with your love life?

Well, if you're in certain cities, it might have quite a lot to do with it. Tinder went through some of the biggest cities in the U.

Neighborhood.com: Chicago’s Neighborhood Parks are in the top 10 in the country

And there's one thing that we know for sure from this list: there are some ridiculous neighborhood names in this country. Where did we get these names?

more gay, bisexual singles live in edgewater than boystown: report

Anyway, it's a pretty exhaustive list. If you live in a city and want to check out how your neighborhood fares on Tinder, here's what the dating app found out about which areas are getting the most attention.

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